Standard Bookings

All prices include travel of up to 30 minutes each way from Perth CBD.

1 $570 $455 $370 $310
1.25 $650 $515 $430 $340
1.5 $750 $590 $480 $370
2 $950 $740 $590 $430
3 $1350 $1040 $810 $550
Quartet 2 violins, viola and cello OR flute, violin, viola or cello
Trio 2 violins and cello OR flute, violin and cello
Duo Violin and cello
Solo Violin OR cello

Need help choosing an ensemble option?

Please Note: We do provide ensembles with singer/harp/guitar/piano. Please contact us for pricing for these ensembles.

Non-metro bookings

Travel time will be charged pro-rata at a rate of $60 + GST per hour per musician, where the total travel time exceeds 1 hour.

Need help? Get in touch below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Or make an online booking

"We will help you decide on a suitable ensemble option depending on the nature of your event and budget."

Call Kathryn on 0452 622 284

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